Solar Power Projects

While Irradiance's key focus is the development and deployment of the RSR2, the company working alone with Dr. Kern as the principal coordinator or with other consultancies occasionally undertakes technical and management consulting projects.  While  some of these projects are confidential in nature others such as the projects below are built and published. 

New York 200 Kilowatt Building Integrated PV System

The New York City Transit Authority recently renovated the elevated Stillwell Avenue subway station at Coney Island, near the entrance to New York Harbor. This large station is the southern terminus of New York's subway system and features five tracks and six passenger platforms. A glass barrel vault canopy, comprised of three arches covering an area approximately 200 feet wide and 600 feet long, covers the tracks and platforms. This entire canopy is made with custom designed amorphous silicon PV active panels. Beginning in September 2001, Dr. Kern served as technical advisor to Traco Architectural Systems and the New York Transit Authority for this project. Irradiance's role  included overseeing the design of components for this system, including the custom PV panels, DC wiring methods, and DC and AC switch gear, inverters, transformers, and protective relays. In early 2005 Irradiance's role was increased to provide an industrial grade SCADA system for the project. This project, completed in 2005, is the "flag ship" of the New York City Transit Authority's green energy programs.


Stillwell Avenue Terminal PV Canopy Roof during construction in April 2004 for the New York City Transit Authority and Traco Architectural Glass Company, Coney Island, New York City, New York USA


Philippine 1 Megawatt PV Generation System

On the southern island of Mindanao in the Philippines, the Cagayan de Oro Electric Power and Light Company  installed a one-megawatt PV system. The purpose is to investigate the potential for operating an electric power system in which a hydroelectric power station is dispatched in conjunction with a "must-run" PV system to provide firm power to the electric grid. Irradiance,  with Dr. Kern as the principal technical advisor, prepared the bid specifications and the competitive proposal review criteria, participated in the contractor selection, reviewed and approved design submittals, and reviewed and approved construction progress milestones. Irradiance's involvement began in September 2001 and the system was brought online during April 2004. This project was supported in part by the Global Environmental Facility through the International Finance Corporation to investigate the concept of using PV in conjunction with, and enhancing the capacities of existing hydroelectric power systems constructed in developing nations. Following completion of the system construction, a 5-year performance monitoring and evaluation task is being conducted to assess and report on the project and to improve understanding of PV/Hydro concept. Dr. Kern while president of Ascension Technology developed the first large grid-tied PV system in India (Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu) during the mid-1990s and as president of Irradiance continues to be interested in working with visionary companies and individuals that appreciate the importance of enabling developing countries to shift directly to 21st Century electric power alternatives.


1-MW PV power generation system commissioned in October 2004, for the Cagayan de Oro Electric Power and Light Company, the Global Environmental Facility and the International Finance Corporation, at Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao Island, in the Philippines.