Rotating Shadowband Radiometer

The standard configuration Rotating Shadowband Radionometer (RSR2) shown at left is an easy to operate instrument for measuring solar energy resources. It includes a head unit, motor controller, temperature/relative humidity sensor, data logger, PV/battery power supply, cellular modem for remote data access, and stable, light-weight tripod.

The Irradiance RSR2 head unit uses a rotating curved band and a single, fast-response, photodiode sensor to measure global and diffuse sunlight.  Direct sunlight is calculated by Irradiance's computer program onboard the Campbell Scientific data logger. The RSR2 is the most cost effective means to determine global, direct and diffuse sunllight for solar photovoltaic and concentrating solar power system simulation and performance monitoring.

Irradiance has manufactured over 600 Rotating Shadowband Radiometers.  They are operating on six continents. Since 2006 Irradiance has provided second-generation instruments (RSR2’s) to customers in Spain, Australia, Mexico, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Chile, Italy, Greece, Indonesia, the Philippines, Canada, Tunisia, Libya, and Morocco and to many customers in the United States including the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Solar Radiation Research Laboratory.  Most are measuring site specific solar energy resources to confirm potential returns-on-investment in large-scale solar power plants and in distributed solar power generation. Irradiance and NREL have an ongoing Cooperative Research and Development Agreement for continued development and improvement of rotating shadowband radiometers.

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